Sangwha is a Digital
Agency that Cares about Technology


We Believe Brands


Our goal is to deliver unique experiences. We don’t believe in one-off ideas or fabricated hype.

Our ideas strive to provide our clients with the tools to help their consumers feel and identify with their brand in new and exciting ways. 

We Connect Ideas & Technologies


Our approach is to empower ideas through cutting-edge technology. We emphasize the use of new trends and technology-based media solutions to realize ideas that break the mold of traditional media and advertising.

We Make a Difference


Our motivation is to be different; to bring something fresh and inspiring to the table in every experience. Good visuals and emotional copywriting are not enough. We believe technology has the power to take conventional ideas and turn them into something exceptional.




Sangwha’s basis for all creative content relies on a strong synergy among our remarkable design and production teams.

The possibility to produce spectacular video content in-house gives us an edge to achieve unified visual contents with powerful messages while keeping costs low.

New Media


We understand the power technology has to change people’s lives. We use this principle to empower the relationship people have with their brands.

At Randi, our R&D studio, everything is possible; from studios for camera work to the latest in robotics, software and AR solutions. It is our emphasis in technology what allows our visual contents to deliver beyond expectations.



Striking visuals are nothing without a compelling story behind it. That is why we start every project with an idea that is fueled by a powerful message first, and then work the dynamics to introduce the visual content and technology required for that story.

Copywriting and brand strategy are disciplines Sangwha fully integrates into every experience created through design and technology.