Lift at Sangwha


We are always looking for people with passion,

curiosity and a global mindset about creating inspiring experiences for brands.  


  • Jinboo Kim Chief of Infra team I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work at Sangwha’s RANDI studio, which is the largest in our country. Sangwha always strives to bring new surprises to the table and as a creator, not a technical engineer, managing new shooting techniques and dealing with new equipment and technology on a daily basis brings up exciting challenges as well as satisfaction to my work at Sangwha.
  • jihui kim Motion Graphic
    I’ve been to 15 different countries in the 3 years I’ve worked for Sangwha. As a designer, I thought I’d be confined to a desk, but being in charge of launching shows with an international audience means that I need to be on the scene to respond to any issues that may arise. When I watch a product that took months to build being unveiled through our awesome video, all the exhaustion and stress is washed away. I think to myself this is why we do what we do.
  • Jungkwon Park Creative
    I’m in charge of designing and controlling the hardware that enables awesome ideas to come to life. Imagination is what decides which ideas from our meetings can be realized or not, not technology. That’s because it’s imagination, not technology that makes even the most complicated technology seem easy. There are people in Sangwha who I think are geniuses. I find great joy and pride in sharing in their imagination and making it a reality.
  • Dongchan Gi Motion Graphic
    At Sangwha, everyone is free to voice their opinions and participate in discussions regarding their project, and you can also choose to join any project that interests you. Of course, a certain amount of responsibility comes with this kind of freedom, but you are given numerous chances. That’s because Sangwha believes that failure allows the company and the employees to grow together. Also, all of the projects are conducted in teams so we always have to put the team before ourselves.
  • Jaehwan Cheong Producer I manage the entire process of a project from the initial strategy to completion of the finished product, while sometimes providing ideas. A lot of interesting ideas come up since I work with a diverse group of people. We sometimes spend entire meetings laughing, but it’s my job to make sure we’re heading in the right direction, even in those situations. You never know. Some random idea may end up hitting the jackpot.
  • Aerim Shin Motion Graphic
    Being a motion graphic designer, late nights are pretty standard for me. I often have to work on weekends and holidays, so no one tells me I have to be at work by a certain time. I am in control of when I come to work and leave. Despite this, Sangwha is always full of energy. There’s always something going on in the office and we have parties very frequently. I think it’s this kind of atmosphere that leads to a lot of interesting ideas.



Hiring Process

- All applicants will receive a notification of the application review results

- Please look through previous Sangwha projects to see which field suits you best

- You must submit a portfolio along with your application (resume, personal statement)

- The area in which you work may differ from the field that you originally applied for depending on your skill set and your input

- Please contact Jinboo Kim at ( for more information regarding job applications


Areas of Recruitment

  • Design
    • Motion Graphics (2D, 3D)
    • Interactive Design
  • Production
    • Ideation
    • Copywriting
    • Sound Design&Mixing
    • Shooting
    • Editing
    • Performance direction
    • Interactive planning
    • Digital Marketing/Planning
  • Engineering
    • Automation & Robotics Programing
    • System design/control
  • Planning
    • Presentation
    • Documentation
    • SNS Marketing
    • PR
    • Media Planning/Buying
  • Administration
    • Human Resources
    • Accounting
    • Financing
    • IT Manager